01. February. 2020 - 31. July. 2020

ASML is funded by Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering from February. 2020 to July. 2020. The research theme is the investigation of medium-Mn steel with excellent cryogenic impact toughness.

01. January. 2020 - 31. December. 2021

ASML is funded by POSCO TJ Park Foundation from January. 2020 to December. 2021. The research theme is designing new-era steel to overturn a conventional physical metallurgy theory.

01. March. 2018 - 28. February. 2023

ASML is selected as a laboratory for "Workforce Training for Alloys and Steels (고부가 금속소재 전문인력양성사업)" of MOTIE. The project period is from Mar. 2018 to Feb. 2023 and research theme is discovering new concepts of alloy design for next-generation high strength steels, the special phenomenon of steels (e.g., hydrogen embrittlement, low-temperature toughness, etc.).

01. June. 2018 - 31. May. 2019

ASML is funded by Hyundai Steel from June. 2018 to May. 2019. The research theme is related to the mechanical response of advanced high strength steels.

01. March. 2018 - 31. December. 2018

ASML is selected as a laboratory for "Research Funding for Cooperative Research (선도장비 이용자프로그램)" of KBSI. The project period is from Mar. 2018 to Dec. 2018 and research theme is "Unravelling reverse transformation mechanism and deformation behavior at a high temperature of medium Mn steel".

01. March. 2017 - 28. February. 2020

ASML is selected as a laboratory for "Research Funding for Starting Professor (신진연구자지원사업)" of NRF. The project period is from Mar. 2017 to Feb. 2020 and research theme is "Investigation on Multifunctional Medium Mn Lightweight Steels with Giga Strength". Our goal of this project is to design cost-effective modern AHSS with lightweightness, high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and low-temperature embrittlement.  

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