Laboratory View

Three Experimental Table

Hume Food

Materials Synthesis

Vacuum and Ar-atmosphere Induction Melting Furnaces (6 cm x 9 cm x 2 cm ingot), STI

Vacuum Tube Furnaces (<1400 ℃), Lenton

Ar-atmosphere Box Furnaces (<1400 ℃), Korea Electric Furnace

Materials Preparation

Dual Disc Manual Polisher, Top Tech

Electro-Polisher, Struers


Vacuum Desiccator, Home Made

Electronic Scale, Ohaus

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Mujigae

High Speed Cutter, MTDI

Microstructures Observation

Optical Microscope, Olympus, BX53M

FE-SEM (Zeiss, Merlin) with EDXS, ECCI and EBSD (Oxford, NordlysNano), Access to Central Lab. in CNU


Thermo-Calc with TCFE9 Database

GOM correlate, Digital image correlation analysis

Mechanical Testing

Universal Testing Machine, MTDI, 100 kN

Charpy Impact Tester (Access to Div. Mater. Sci. Eng.), Tokyo Testing Machine, 500 J

Hydrogen Pre-charging System, Toyotech, Homemade Charging Apparatus

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